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Working at Biovian

For us, at Biovian, people are always in focus. We care about the fulfilment of our employees as much
as we care about customer satisfaction. Biovian is a workplace where personal contacts, friendliness
and reliability are intertwined with talent, innovation and expertise. See what our people say about us
and discover your future workplace.

Open positions

See our open positions here. If there are no vacancies matching your interest, send us an open application (in Finnish or in English) here. Open applications will be active for six months. Join us on this exciting path!

My first week at Biovian

What to expect during the recruiting process and the first week at the new job? While every experience is unique, read a blog about the thoughts and feelings of one of our colleagues.


Career stories

Blog about Viral Vector Process Development- conversation with Pirjo Merilahti
I have a background in both biochemistry and virology. I feel that at Biovian I can make full use of my expertise.
Pirjo MerilahtiProcess Development Manager
Fourteen years with Biovian has been a journey with fascinating customer projects and self-development. My career has advanced together with the growth of the company.
Kaisa PaasimaaProduction Manager
I have always had attention to detail as well as patience and perseverance. Biovian is a workplace where I can perform to my full potential while at the same time developing new skills.
Johannes HattaraBiomedical Laboratory Scientist
Aseptic filling is a process that requires close co-operation and good coordination between personnel and equipment. Such versatile tasks and career development are the reasons I enjoy working at Biovian.
Asja VuorinenProduction Manager
The best thing about our job is the variety and challenges that novel, gene- therapy related projects provide.
Katja Näreoja and Markus VehniäinenScientists
When you work with medicines of tomorrow, every day is different. My greatest source of motivation is the satisfied client – when we have once again brought a project to the finish line on time and within budget.
Ulla MyllymaaProject Manager
Raisa Vuorinen
Biovian is a safe and stabile place to work. For me, variety is the key to job satisfaction. In the QC laboratory, no day is like the other.
Raisa VuorinenAnalytical Technician
Kasper Wikman
The best thing about my work is the possibility for continuous development, and the strong support for the implementation of new ideas. It is easy to bring proposals to the right level, which allows for fast progress. Simply stated, we have a good drive from Monday to Friday!
Kasper Wikman Business Controller
The variety of projects and the teamwork keep us motivated. Our multidisciplinary project teams take care of the client projects, down to the smallest detail.
Juha Uitto and Ari BåtsmanProcess Engineers
Turning my goals into results feels rewarding. I appreciate the fact that I am free to plan my own workday.
Hanna SuodenjärviBiomedical Laboratory Scientist
The pharmaceutical industry with its versatile tasks has proven to be the right field for me. It feels great to be part of a talented team that has as its goal to ensure product quality and patient safety.
Katja JalonenLaboratory Technician
The best thing about my job is its variety, as well as inspiring co-workers. Working in this field is a continuous learning process. Being able to upgrade my knowledge and improve my skills is a source of motivation for me.
Mikael MoussaProcess Engineer
I feel that employee happiness is important for Biovian. I enjoy the diversity of my daily chores and appreciate the wonderful colleagues, who have become friends even outside of work.
Ritva SaharinenLaboratory Technician