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Biovian is in LabioTech’s gene therapy article – Can CDMOs solve the manufacturing bottleneck?

The article discusses the reasons behind the growing need for viral vectors and how Biovian, as a CDMO has taken actions to solve the manufacturing bottleneck. 

Antti Nieminen, CEO of Biovian: “The majority of Biovian’s customers are small to mid-size biotech companies that rely on timely progress toward clinical trials. To them, a service offering that covers the entire development process can make all the difference, as it speeds up the entire process and minimizes the risk for delays and additional cost.” 

A key feature of our flexible service offering is that we take full oversight of each project to ensure seamless integration from early development to the clinic and beyond. Our customers greatly appreciate this unique, One-Stop-Shop concept.”

“Certainly, our goal is to become the leading global player in the contract manufacturing of biologics. At the same time, we want to keep our company culture alive. We believe that personal contact, friendliness, and responsibility are essential in customer relationships. This is what we call Manufacturing Happiness,” 

Gene Therapy: Can CDMOs Solve the Manufacturing Bottleneck?

Gene Therapy: Can CDMOs Solve the Manufacturing Bottleneck?
Gene Therapy Manufacturing: Can CDMOs Solve the Manufacturing Bottleneck?