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Biovian in European Biotechnology’s Special edition – AAV vectors from a CDMO that cares about SMEs

The article discusses the challenges small and mid-sized companies are facing when taking AAV vector-based innovations from the laboratory bench to the clinic. While in-house manufacturing may be an option for some companies, partnering with a CDMO can be the best choice for others. Teaming up with a One-Stop-Shop CDMO can make it easier to achieve the project goals. The article describes how Biovian supports SMEs as they take their valuable AAV vectors through the development and onto the market.

“Biovian has gained the reputation as a CDMO that provides premium services to small and mid-sized companies – those are at the core of innovation but often find themselves overrun by bigger clients when reserving CDMO resources. We understand that early-stage trials require fast response, a high degree of customization, and flexibility in production.”

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European Biotechnology Spring 2021