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BIO-CDMO with high NPS

How does a CDMO achieve a high net promoter score?

Biovian, a Finnish Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization, CDMO, has year after year received a high net promoter score, NPS. NPS measures customer satisfaction and loyalty by asking clients how likely they are to recommend …
Magnus Gustafsson from Biovian gave a talk about gene therapy

Biovian in New Horizons in Biologics & Bioprocessing

New Horizons 2021 event took place on December 9th in Stockholm. Dr. Magnus Gustafsson from Biovian gave a talk about “Gene therapy today and tomorrow.”  New Horizons is an international educational forum that focuses on …
Press Release_Lokon Pharma selects Biovian as a CDMO

Lokon Pharma AB signs an agreement with Biovian

Lokon Pharma AB, a company developing next-generation cancer therapeutics, has selected Biovian Oy as a CDMO partner for GMP manufacturing of LOAd703 for a pivotal randomized study. The uniquely engineered LOAd703 oncolytic virus is currently …