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Biovian’s growth story featured in Business Focus Magazine

We invite you to explore the recent article “Next Level Biopharmaceuticals” featured in the Business Focus Magazine’s latest issue.

With a highly qualified team and a bespoke approach, Biovian is taking biopharmaceuticals to the next level.

Business Focus Magazine interviewed Biovian’s CEO and co-founder Antti Nieminen about Biovian’s growth story and position in the industry. The recently published article, “Next Level Biopharmaceuticals” explicitly encapsulates Biovian’s organizational development and ongoing growth journey from various aspects.

In the ever-evolving world of biopharmaceuticals, the pursuit of innovation and excellence has no limits. Biovian’s current “growth phase” is shaped by manufacturing capacity expansion and capability increase, along with improved organizational processes and procedures. Moreover, the recent achievements and advancements are backed by a solid 20-year track record.

Whilst this business growth undeniably involves an increase in the headcount, Antti also points out the importance of the people-centric approach in everything we do and puts emphasis on preserving a strong company culture. “When the company grows to a certain point, you need different approaches to when you were a smaller business“, he clarifies.

Altogether, the article provides a great summary of the key factors to achieve our vision: taking biopharmaceuticals to the next level. 🚀

Read “Next Level Biopharmaceuticals” article here.