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Biovian’s new facility for Viral Vector GMP manufacturing is completed

Biovian has expanded it’s GMP Viral Vector contract development and manufacturing facilities to tackle the bottleneck in Viral Vector production for Gene Therapies. The new state of the art, biosafety level 2 production facility is equipped with e.g. 200 L scale, single-use bioreactor, which enables efficient manufacturing of Viral Vectors at a sufficiently large scale for more advanced clinical trials and support of commercial strategies.

With this current facility extension, we have more than doubled our capacity in the production of adenovirus, AAV, and lentivirus, building on over a decade of experience in the Viral Vector field, says Dr. Knut Ringbom, CEO of Biovian. We are ready to serve new Viral Vector client projects with our Nordic consistency, reliability, and efficiency, he continues.

For inquiries out about available slots, please contact:

Phone: +358 40 728 4646

Eero Mustalahti,

Manager, Sales and Business Development


Phone: +358 40 502 1332

Antti Nieminen, Director,

Business Development and Projects