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Magnus Gustafsson enters the spotlight at the Global Bioprocessing Summit in Berlin, Germany

We are delighted to announce that Magnus Gustafsson, CBO at Biovian, will be presenting and participating in a panel discussion at the Global Bioprocessing Summit in Berlin!

The Global Bioprocessing Summit, taking place on November 16-17, 2023, is a platform for industry leaders like Magnus Gustafsson to share their expertise, foster collaboration, and drive innovation in bioprocessing. The event gathers professionals from various sectors, providing a unique opportunity for networking and knowledge exchange.

Magnus Gustafsson, CBO at Biovian, delivers a “Viral Vector Process Development and Manufacture” presentation at the Global Bioprocessing Summit on November 17, 2023 at 13:25 CET. Attendees can expect to gain valuable insights that can drive advancements in their respective projects and contribute to the overall progress of the bioprocessing industry. The presentation will provide insights on the following topics:

  • Why are viral vectors transformational?
  • Why are viral vectors so complicated to manufacture for clinical trials?
  • What aspects need to be considered when developing a premium viral vector process?
  • Biovian’s viral vector manufacturing process

At 14:05 CET, Magnus joins a panel discussion to provide insights on the “Environmental and Economic Challenges of Bioprocessing” topic. The panelists will delve into the challenges and opportunities of optimizing bioprocessing while prioritizing economic and environmental sustainability.

For those interested in attending Magnus Gustafsson’s presentation and other sessions at the Global Bioprocessing Summit, detailed information about the event, including the schedule and registration details, can be found on the official website: Global Bioprocessing Summit & Expo.