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Successful refinancing and new funding to support GeneCity expansion

Biovian is delighted to announce the successful completion of a debt refinancing initiative and securing a new funding package with Eurazeo, a French investment company, to support GeneCity facility expansion. The package will be used to refinance existing debt and to finance investment in GeneCity. The new funding package is an important milestone in Biovian’s growth journey and will support Biovian in continuing its strong organic growth.

This is an important milestone for Biovian and ensures that building and commissioning of the new facility will be progressing on time and as planned.
Antti NieminenCEO and co-founder

Biovian is pleased to report that the GeneCity facility expansion project is progressing as planned. The investment is a strategic move aimed at meeting the growing demand for high-quality biopharmaceutical manufacturing services and further solidifying Biovian’s position as a trusted partner in the biopharmaceutical industry. The new viral vector facility building has been started in Q3/2023 and facility is expected to be ready in 2025.

The construction of Biovian's GeneCity manufacturing facility is progressing as planned.
The construction of Biovian’s GeneCity manufacturing facility is progressing as planned. Together with Biovian’s existing facilities, the new premises of GeneCity will increase the total area up to 11 500 sqm (123 800 sqft), expansion expected to be ready in 2025.

A heartfelt thank you to our dedicated team, visionary investors, and esteemed partners. This support fuels our passion for innovation and propels us toward a future where genetic therapies revolutionize healthcare.

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Biovian announces successful refinancing to support GeneCity facility expansion