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BIO-CDMO with high NPS

How does a CDMO achieve a high net promoter score?

Biovian, a Finnish Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization, CDMO, has year after year received a high net promoter score, NPS. NPS measures customer satisfaction and loyalty by asking clients how likely they are to recommend …
BLOG Viral Vectors and gene therapy basics summarized

Viral Vector and gene therapy basics summarized

Here we present some basic concepts of Viral Vectors used in gene therapy applications with special focus on AAV and Adenovirus vectors. Please proceed to this page if you are looking for information about our …
Adenovirus vector GMP manufacturing_blog

Adenovirus vector GMP manufacturing in adherent cell cultures and suspension cell cultures.

Adenoviruses are among the most attractive Viral Vectors for gene therapy because of their well-defined biology and characteristics. They have a high packaging capacity and can accommodate large transgene inserts of sizes up to ~8 kb. Adenovirus vectors also have high transduction efficiency and they can infect both dividing and non-dividing cells in a broad range of cell and tissue …